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Fish Fish Fish




Ten Little Fishes
Ten little fishes were swimming in a school,
Preschoolers hold up ten fingers and then make swimming motions with their hands. For the rest of the lines, wiggle each finger in turn.

This one said, "Let's swim where it is cool."
This one said, "It's a very warm day."
This one said, "Come on, let's play."
This one said, "I'm as hungry as can be."
This one said, "There's a worm for me."
This one said, "Wait, we'd better look."
This one said, "Yes, it's on a hook."
This one said, "Can't we get it anyway?"
This one said, "Perhaps we may."
This one, so very brave, grabbed a bite and swam away.

Five Little Fishes
For this fingerplay, first make swimming motions with both hands then hold up one hand and wiggle a different finger as each line is said.

Five little fishes swimming in a pool
This one said,  "The pool is cool."
This one said,  "The pool is deep."
This one said,  "I'd like to sleep."
This one said,  "I'll float and dip."
This one said,  "I see a ship."
The fishing boat comes.
The line goes
All the little fishes swim away in a flash!
(fingers "swim" away quickly)

Pretty Little Goldfish
Pretty little goldfish
Never can talk.
All it does is wiggle
When it tries to walk. 

I Caught a Fish
One, two, three, four, five,
I caught a fish alive.
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten,
I let him go again!
Why did I let him go?
Because he bit my finger so.
Which finger did he bite?
The little one on the right  

Three Puffer Fish (Tune of 3 Blind Mice)

Three puffer fish,
Three puffer fish,
See how they swim,
See how they swim,
Their tails go left and
Their tails go right,
Their gills breathe in and
Their gills breathe out,
Did you ever see such a prickly sight as
Three puffer fish?


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